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The Toilet of Doom
The day was looking bright as Johnathan sat in his ethnobotany class, when a massive
bowel movement struck him like a car hitting a tree. He ran from class, grasping his
lower stomach. Sprinting through the halls like a lumberjack in a forest of evergreen
pines. During his sprint, he spied the bathroom, reaching it just to find that it was
full! He soon found all of the bathrooms in the building to lack a vacancy. Nearing the
explosive conclusion, Johnathan went to run outside, hoping to find a bathroom in a
different building, when he noticed a strange bathroom he hadn't seen before. He sprinted
into the strange room, which to his delight, was empty. The room was the size of a
regular bathroom, but had just one stall, which lay in the center of the room, ironically
dominating the empty space. Johnathan walked into the stall, there the toilet, his
salvation lay, but there was something peculiar about it that made him stop for a brief
second, and contemplate the situation; a wooden door
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In case you don't know, last month four black people in Chicago kidnapped a white, disabled, trump supporter and tortured him on facebook live while screaming racial obscenities.

They just pleaded not guilty…
Everywhere I go on deviant art, there's some form of fanart. I just don't understand why people are so obsessed with it, yeah I made some ratchet and and clank and spyro fanart when I was like 10, but I wouldn't make it in adulthood.

I don't like fanart because I want to make something memorable and original that could be what I want it, not something from another franchise that will never be mine. Why would I want to draw something from say stephen king when I could make my own horror story
I keep hearing how this ban is somehow the worst thing ever to happen, how demoracy will fail, how liberty is dead, how it's the start of a new holocaust, how the world will be damaged. I was in a class where they talked about trump and ran a video on holocaust survivors...

Not only is it temporary and people will be able to come in a few months but this ban was originally made by the Obama administration (no blame on his part).

On a side note, people care so much about families yet are more angry about this ban then they are over the drone strikes and America's involvement in the Syrian war. Why does Obama get away with so much?
Like you were once driven by a dream, but due to whatever, you don't have a passion for it anymore and you struggle with finding it again, thus spiraling into a deep depression?

I've been doing better at life lately


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Bob Bobby
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Hi, I'm Bob. I study writing, music, animation, and graphic design. I like anime, hiking, music, writing, reading, drawing


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